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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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when it smashed into the station killing a woman on the platform and injuring more than 100 people. they still have not yet determined the cause of the accident. donald trump making lewd comments about women to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, both candidates were in full attack mode last night. we'll break down the highlights and the low points of the second presidential debate. >> we launch a week long series during which we look at the propositions on the november ballot. we look at crime and punishment including the contingent issue of the death penalty. >> a must win for the san francisco giants. we go live to att ballpark where the team and the die hard fans get ready for tonight's big game against the chicago cubs. >> going back to the '80s, promised you a miracle. that's what the giants need. the giants have done it before
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in this elimination game. i have seen it with my own two eyes. welcome to mornings on 2. the political spin is in full effect. you obviously watched. >> absolutely. >> we will be talking about that. hillary clinton and trump's campaign declaring their candidate the winner. >> many viewers called it uncomfortable to watch and the debate was filled with attacks. >> here is more from st. louis about some of the big moments of the big debate. >> reporter: sometimes these second presidential debates can be the ones to watch. they can be most consequential. there was a lot of anticipation for this debate and the tension was evident right from the start. even the introductions were awkward and tense, not even a handshake between trump and clinton as they took their places quickly turning to the issue that's roiled the trump campaign. >> i apologized to my family, to the american people. i am not proud of it but this
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is locker room talk. >> trump responding to leaked audio recordings from more than a decade ago that included lewd comments about women. >> i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> trump's counter attack was clear, accusing clinton of attacking women who accused her husband former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct, even rape. >> hillary clinton attacked the same women and attacked them viciously. >> when i hear something like that, i am reminded of what my friend michelle obama advised us all, "when they go low, you go high." >> they would each target one another's weak spots, trump talking about clinton's e-mails and honesty, clinton hitting trump on temperament and fitness to serve. >> it is awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> secretary clinton -- [ cheering and applause ]
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>> there were familiar exchanges and everything from obamacare and taxes and finally this from the audience. >> would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another? >> his children are incredibly able and devoted. i think that says a lot about donald. >> she does fight hard and she doesn't hit and she doesn't give up. i consider that to be a very good trait. >> those positive feelings won't last too long. both trump and clinton will prepare for their next debate, the last debate, on october 29 in las vegas. >> last night's debate set records on social media. san francisco based twitter reported this was the most tweeted presidential debate ever with more than 17 million tweets. twitter says the question of republican nominee donald
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trump's treatment of women dominated. trump's disagreement with pence was the top tweeted moment followed by him saying he was a gentleman and threatening to assign a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton if he is elected. >> facebook also set a record. it was the most talked about debate on facebook ever. nearly 20 million users generating more than 92 million likes, posts, comments, shares, and 76% of those were about donald trump. top social moment, trump dismissing mike pens on syria, trump also responding to syria saying "because you would be in jail" and when trump said "no i am a gentleman hillary, go ahead." >> we're going to talk about the debate but we have to tell you something that happened. house speaker paul ryan said he will not defend donald trump nor will he campaign for donald trump in the next 30 days leading to the election
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essentially telling local lawmakers you do what's best for you. >> the first part of the statement i will not defend him, we already knew. who is going to defend these statements? obviously that would be toxic for ryan in his own campaign. the other part about the suspension of this for the next 30 days to focus on the house is a recognition that mr. trump's fall from grace, if you will, which happened sometime ago, but i think friday accelerated, is a potential risk for other down ticket candidates in house of representatives and senate. between the two bodies of congress democrats have a better chance of regrabbing the senate than the house. the math doesn't work in the house of representatives in the same way. ryan is aware of the fact that the closeness of any candidate to trump means bad things. there is a double edge to the sword. mr. trump's hardened supporters have not deserted him contrary
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to i think worries that they had in trump tower saturday when they were planning what to do for the debate. that's why they encouraged him to be aggressive. they thought it would energize the base. the base wasn't moving. if you track on social media, womennen trench themselves in their support not because they like him but because they dislike hillary clinton so much. they are almost beyond reasoning. it doesn't matter what he said. they're going to support him. here is my point with the house of representatives. if they distance themselves from trump that's good because they're not, i think, the same from friday but they risk the anger of the supporters in certain states and congressional districts if they go against trump. >> what does this do for the presidential race? >> this is still about undecideds. if we are talking about last night, neither candidate did anything. they had opportunities they missed with undecided voters. >> a lot of people said trump had to -- he did okay but he
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had to do better to help himself. his okay performance didn't do anything. >> i think what it did temporarily was shifted attention away from himself to her and that was an effective debating strategy. he had a missed opportunity last night when he apologized again. he said i apologize to my family. if i was coaching him i would have said apologize to your wife. the camera could have gone to her. if it was unscripted and heart felt, that's the sort of thing that people want to see. that was basically what bill clinton did in the 1990s. that was the beginning of mrs. clinton's troubles with women voters who thought you gave him a past. when president clinton was impeached he was impeached for lying not for the scandals. voters who liked his record said he is impeached but don't remove him because we separate public from private. that's because he had a record
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to stand on. donald trump does not have that luxury. i am not sure voters now would give him a pass. women won't. >> first time he apologized was six or eight second and he pivoted said we have isis chopping off heads. i am embarrassed by it. but i will knock the heads off of isis. is the most important thing the president's personal character and that's how they will vote? or is it about foreign policy, about taxes, and other important issues? or like for hillary, is it about that? >> it's about all those things. it depends which population. talking about most of the millennials, it's about truthfulness and trustworthiness for both but especially negatively for mrs. clinton. her answer in response to i have a public position and a private position when that question got raised from the wikipedia leak that came that we never covered because it was
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covered by the trump story was a nonanswer. when she talked about abraham lincoln everybody knew that was a no answer. he had a missed opportunity with the sex scandal. she had a missed opportunity with that. that population, i don't think they heard what they wanted. the individuals who maybe weren't millennials but work in industries like fossil fuels, she did better. she knows details in ways that he doesn't and maybe never will. but they don't like either of the candidates particularly. undecideds, if you are asking if they moved the needle, i don't think they did. >> your best advice for trump and clinton for the final debate? what do you tell each to do? >> they have a smaller amount of time at this point left chasing that small percentage of voters left. frankly all of the issues on the periphery which are character and personal issues continuing to focus on them, calling each other names, being
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dismiss civ, looking angry -- >> didn't even shake hands. >> not until the end. i think the last question you got from the last person in the audience was a wonderful moment because it expressed what a lot of people in america feeling. what you said with how people felt uncomfortable. everybody felt that. that last question was a relief. my daughter and family kind of laughed and said what a great question. we want something positive. both candidates need to give voters something to vote for, not someone to vote against. that's the difference. they haven't done it yet. >> do you think they knew that would come or did they practice because practicing something in case you have to? >> i have to say they both looked surprised by the question. i think mrs. clinton went to that because she's big on
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family. her daughter's friendship with ivanka trump is well known. >> he lost all of his tenseness and relaxed and was kind of nice in his response. he found the one nice thing he could say about her. and they shook hands. this is from voters, enough of all this, how about you talk about the things you agree with. >> you felt it with the handshake. ended on a different note. >> it took a voter to tell them that. they should pay attention to that. >> another phrase we heard a lot of last night was it's locker room talk in regard to what trump was caught on tape saying. several current and former pro athletes are taking issue with that defense of the comments in which trump called them locker room talk. here are some reactions.
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as an athlete i have been in locker rooms my entire adult life and that's not locker room talk. "please stop saying locker room talk. it's not normal. if it were normal, it's not right ." "for reference i work in a locker room every day. that's not locker room talk. just so you know ." what's the most memorable moment of last night's debate for you? >> jerry wrote saying a candidate pledging to use doj to persecute and jail a political opponent just because, down right scary. >> the most memorable moment was the refusal to shake hands off the top. >> "easy. the ending ." >> we'll keep checking your responses. we appreciate you using the
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tvuthe9. up next, we'll look at ones that have to do with the death penalty and early release of some prisoners. >> supporters of a man brutally beaten are waiting to see if his attackers can face hate crime charges. when a decision is expected and what it can mean for the people accused of the crime.
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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taking a look at the dow jones it is up more than 100 points. stocks are also looking strong on the s&p and the nasdaq. >> there is what some call an overwhelming number of propositions on the california battle this year. 17 in total. >> we are going to be breaking down each of the measures over the next few days. >> today we look at three initiatives that deal with criminal justice reform. >> reporter: when a teen boy was accused of killing 8 year
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old madison middleton after luring the girl to his apartment last year prosecutors decided to charge the 15 year old with murder and try him as an adult. prop 57 largely aimed at easing prison over crowding would take that discretion away from prosecutors and place the decision in the hands of a judge. prop 57 would allow some inmates serving for crimes defined as nonviolent to be considered for early release. legislature's fiscal analyst says there are 129,000 inmates in the system. 30,000 are serving for nonviolent crimes. 7500 of them would be eligible for early release under prop 57. two measures on the statewide ballot focus on the death penalty offering opposing solutions to addressing the state's broken system of capital punishment. 748 inmates sit on death row
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including notorious killers davis, peterson, and stainer. since 1978 the state carried out just 15 executions, the last in 2006 when clarence ray allen was put to death. prop 66 aims to speed up time between the death sentence and execution by requiring condemned inmates to file appeal dollars within one near year of getting an attorney. it would attempt to expand the pool of lawyers who can defend capital cases. >> inmates are housed in one of two places. the men are here and the women are at a state prison in chowchilla. prop 66 aims to save money by allowing condemned inmates to be housed at a number of prisons across the state. another takes a more straightforward approach and would apolish the death penalty
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replacing it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. coming up at 4:00, we'll take a closer look at prop 62. both sides will be in studio for a live debate on abolishing california's death penalty. tomorrow we'll look at the propositions on the ballot including plastic bag ban and gun control. >> read all about the propositions on the politics section of supporters of a man badly beaten last month are waiting for word from the district attorney. >> they want to see if the d.a.'s office will file hate crime charges against accused attackers. >> following that story is allie rasmus. >> reporter: the mayor is waiting to see if hate crime charges can be filed. last night he issued a state encouraging people to show support and solidarity with the victim and sikh community. on the night of september 25,
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police say a group of six men in a pickup truck beat up 41 year old khalsa, a richmond resident and yesterday an ex mr. tim before using a knife to take off histure ban and cut off part of his hair. his injuries were pretty severe. attorneys with the sikh coalition, a national organization, say he may need several root canals because of damage to his teeth in the beating and his finger which was cut when he tried to defend himself may need to be amputated. it also caused emotional pain especially having his hair cut because it goes against sikh religious beliefs. it is believed he was targeted because of the turban and that's why they want to bring hate crime charges against the attackers. this could mean an extra two to four years in prison if convicted.
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the prosecutor said he was still reviewing the case as to whether or not he will file hate crime charges, he was quoted as saying he wants to meet with khalsa in person and talk to him first. >> thank you. 30 people including children thrown in the cold bay area waters after their boat capsizes. why the coastguard is waiting until today to investigate. >> hurricane matthew has been downgraded but still continues to cause problems along the east coast. we have a look at the damage from the powerful storm and the clean up underway.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. hurricane matthew is being blamed for at least 21 deaths across four states. the deadly storm is no longer considered a hurricane and is downgraded to a post tropical cyclone. matthew is causing serious problems along the southeastern seaboard. powerful winds continue to batter carolina as well as other parts of the region and
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devastating flooding is expected to continue. >> oh, man it was horrific. the wind was blowing real hard. it was so dark you couldn't see nothing. >> my window pane blew out. i had water. i lost my television. >> matthew caused major damage to an estimated 1 million homes and businesses in florida, georgia, carolinas. an estimated 2 million homes and businesses are still without power. >> south of the united states, haiti is recovering from direct hit from hurricane matthew. 145 winds and torrential rains are blamed for more than 1000 deaths in haiti. disaster response crews haven't even made it to the hardest hit areas. there are concerns that the death toll can climb much higher. thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed in haiti. pope francis is urging
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people around the world to pray for the victims of hurricane matthew essentially the hundreds who have lost their lives in haiti. the pope made the plea yesterday during his regular sunday mass. >> for more on other headlines, let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. >> thank you. san francisco's police marine unit will begin using sonar in the next 30 minutes to find a sail boat still submerged in san francisco bay after it capsized saturday afternoon near pier 45. 30 people were on the boat. eight people including three children were rushed to the hospital. all the injured have been released except a four year old boy who was not breathing when he pulled out of the water. >> the bay waters are very cold. hypothermia can settle in quickly. add the potential that somebody may have been injured during the process. >> reporter: last check, the
9:25 am
boy remained in the hospital in stable condition. investigators are hope to find out why the boat flipped over when they raise it to the surface possibly later today. the coastguard says the bay was too crowded with boats to bring it up yesterday. an 11 month old girl is in the hospital after being hit by a bullet fragment over the weekend inside her home. it appears it was an accident. the little girl was rushed to santa rosa memorial hospital and transferred to ucsf children's in oakland. she's expected to survive. no arrests have been made. those are just some of your morning headlines from our newsroom. mike, sal, gasia. >> thank you. coming up, a big day in nevada's fight to get the raiders in las vegas. next, the decision that could be made to raise more money for a new stadium there. >> reporter: it is do or die for san francisco giants heading into game three tonight
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against the cubs. at att park they're getting the field all ready to go for the  must win game. they're in a 2-0 hole but we will tell you why the players and the fans are believing, coming up. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. pg&i help customerss, how with their there's different rates to fit different needs, so listening is a huge part of my job. because customers want to know that you hear them. they have kids, they have families, they have priorities. i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills
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and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california.
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we're checking twitter. the question of the day was a big moment, what was your most memorable of the night. >> "you would be in jail. if any republican had sent classified e-mails they had be in prison "." >> this says regarding on the debate i see two people putting each other down to elevate
9:29 am
themselves. behaving like bad children is old. >> michael said they like ken bone and his disposable camera. in case you don't know, there was a person in the audience in a red sweater. he was seen taking pictures with his disposable camera. reply on anything we ask or other things by hash tagging us. san francisco police just released information about the shooting of a 13 year old boy in the mission district. this happened near 26th and valencia about 6:30 p.m. the 13 year old was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no arrests have been made and police have not released any suspect description. they do however tell us that the gang task force is investigating. the man accused of killing two police officers and wounding a third on saturday is
9:30 am
due in the first time for the case tomorrow. feel international community school will be charged with first degree murder and other felony counts. prosecutors will decide if feel international community school will face the death penalty. police were called saturday to the home where the parents of feel international community school lived. his father said feel international community school was acting crazy and he had a gun. several shots were fired and threadsers were -- three officers were hit. >> i do have to share with you the pictures of our two deceased officers, employees are broken. if there was ever a time to pray for palm springs p.d., it is now. >> the officers who died are 63 year old vega and 27 year old zerebny.
9:31 am
the officer who survived is talking with investigators. we are going to switch to the forecast. steve, there is a lot of fog out there. >> yesterday would have been nice for game three but we'll have to deal with fog tonight. it looks like a cooler pattern showing up. high clouds and low clouds and fog really they can in the city. there are reports of drizzle. i think that's back in, we go to a significant cooling trend. take your jacket tonight. it will be on the cooler side. we bring rain in, not a little rain. it looks like really good rain friday and again sunday. it could be decent amounts. >> for october, that's good. >> weather for the blue angels couldn't have been better this weekend. >> i decided it should be nice. >> okay. you dialed it up. >> thank you. san francisco giants definitely need some of the even year magic. >> they are heading into a must win game tonight against
9:32 am
chicago cubs. >> alex is live inside att ballpark. giants fans are confident, not confident? i feel confident. >> giants fans are confident. players are confident too i think. this team has been here before, a very familiar spot they find themselves in. their backs are against the wall. it's a must win situation. they certainly have come back before. we're hoping they can do it again one more time. the giants have won nine straight post season elimination games. they're going to need three more if they want to stay alive in the playoffs this year. it starts tonight. mad bum taking the mound for the giants. he looked really good in the wild card game last week. we're hoping for some more even year magic from mad bum. the giants are in a hole, dropped the first two game of
9:33 am
the series in chicago. giants offense has been kept in check by cubs pitchers. i talked with giants fans reminding them that the team has looked quite sharp. >> they're not the giants and we're in october. cubs history is different than the giants right now. if history is good, we are going to be right there in the even win and we will win tonight. >> pretty impressive especially with the young guys that we have. they kind of followed suit pretty easily. it's just a really good vibe that everybody puts off here and the mentality that we have. there is definitely no panic. we have a lot of guys ready to show up and play ball. >> no panic on this team at all except for joe, that is. remember back in 2012, the giants won three straight
9:34 am
elimination games in national league division series to knock off cincinnatti reds. they're looking again for some of that even year mojo. they have done it before and certainly they can do it again. i was reminding and talking with giants fans, they know this cubs team looks real good so far. it's certainly a tall order for the giants. but it all starts tonight. you guys feeling okay about this? >> i am feeling okay. reds looked good in the series a long time ago. >> 2012. >> reds were good. >> they looked good too so we'll see. >> thanks. for more, we are joined by jason. i said i am confident. you got mad bum and you are home. >> cardinals felt good too in 2012 when the joint won three in a row. they can do this -- giants won three in a row. they can do this. this is a different team.
9:35 am
it's a different deal. >> they might lose because they're playing a good team but he knows they can get them to believe they can win. >> they delivered on one promise. i was there when they swept the dodgers sunday. he promised there would be more baseball at att park. there will be. you saw it was quiet with alex out there just now but it will be rocking tonight for the game. it is a must win game for the giants. bumgarner, who else would you rather have on the mound? working on 23 straight post season score less innings. he can hit as well. he was launching them out at wrigley. >> now we are facing a tough pitcher in game three. >> a very tough pitcher. he started out with a bang this year. he was just cruising. then he hit a slump the second
9:36 am
half of the season. out of all the pitchers arietta is the third pitcher believe it or not. he had one of the great seasons in baseball history last year and first part of this year. he slid off a little bit. now i am going to say this but i would expect something like that game on friday, a 1-0 game or something. every time we say something like that, it will be 9-8 or something. we'll see what happens. it's going to be fun. >> can't use oakland raiders in the baseball shuffle. >> there is a lot going on in the bay area, golf tournament with tiger woods. let's talk raiders for a second as i lose my voice. >> a lot of raiders fans lost their voice. >> they're 4-1 for the first time since 2002. it seems like we can say first time since 2002 a lot because that was the year they went to the superbowl. here is the deal, 4th and 2,
9:37 am
they go for it lake third. they get the touchdown to take the lead. the slip side, mccoy for the chargers, 4th and inches late in the game, instead of going for the first down, i hated the call when it happened. i couldn't believe he did it especially with what dell rio has been doing. it is rolling the dice. at the very least you drive down the field and get a field goal. >> he is not the raiders coach. >> best case scenario was they get that field goal and raiders get the ball back. i hated the call. it was great for the raiders. we should celebrate because they're tied with the broncos. >> first place oakland raiders. we spoke to raiders fans yesterday after the game. i was surprised because some responses about the raiders possibly moving to las vegas weren't as negative as i thought. some people said i will move
9:38 am
with them. >> there is a special legislative session going on now today and tomorrow with the governor. he called it. nevada legislatures are going to talk about whether or not to do this hotel tax. the hotel tax would raise $650 million for $750 million for the stadium. it's a lot of money, a $1.9 billion stadium but it is topical because they're meeting for two days, will discuss whether or not they want to do this tax. talk about the tax, you figure they're going to do it. it is only .88%. >> you are not taxing yourself. >> you are taxing the other people. a lot has to happen for them to move still after this. >> what about the nfl owners? >> 24 of the 32 have to vote for it in theory. his dad al davis moved to l.a. without the support of the
9:39 am
owners. there is precedent for that as well. >> i don't think that happens today. i think the whole vegas stigma is gone. the nhl is there. they want to move to london where the gambling is legal as well. i don't think that's the issue. can mark davis come up with $500 million? he doesn't even have the money now. it's an iffy thing. owners will meet and vote possibly on this in january. >> thanks for joining us. your sports team will be covering the giants. >> it will be fun. >> ghost busters answers the call, the reboot of the classic is being released on blu-ray tomorrow. >> if there is a para normal problem we are the ones to answer the call. >> who are you gonna call? >> the blu-ray features 15 extra minutes of deleted
9:40 am
scenes. joining us now is the director of the movie. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on. hello san francisco. >> it's an honor. i have always been curious, have you heard from dan akroid, bill murray in regards to their response to your film? >> it was the most nerve racking thing i ever went through. we had the cast on jimmy kimmell before the movie. every time they went oh, the guys haven't seen the movie. they put together this screening and i said i am not going near the screening. i cannot sit with the original ghost busters and watch. they were so excited. bill murray said i have been nervous about this movie for 25 years. he loved it, was so happy with the cast and with the way we did it. it was a real validation. >> one of my favorite scenes in the new movie is -- i will not give much away -- when the monster comes up in the heavy
9:41 am
metal concert. that's a great way to update the movie. those heavy metal people were rocking out thinking this is part of the effect. i u that scene. >> thanks. it was really fun to play with this version of it. there is always a way for somebody to explain away what they saw. they're always really having to try hard to prove that they are legitimate. >> tomorrow we are going to see 15 minutes additional footage. talk about how hard it must be to decide to take a scene out or exchange out. is that like telling one of your children you can't come to the carnival with the rest of us. >> yes, and i have to leave a lot of children home. we do a lot of test screenings throughout the editing and record the laughs. you start to see where you have too much, what killer jokes are, which ones you need to replace. by the time you go through the
9:42 am
process you know what to leave in. the thing is for home video we can make it longer because it's not a room full of 400 people watching at the same time. it's people enjoying at their own pace. on top of that on the blu-ray there are about 3 hours worth of extras of deleted scenes, alternate versions, commentary tracks, behind the scenes stuff. you get more ghost busters than you may ever have known you wanted. >> i really like the way you decided to pale it without giving it away. there is a nod to the 1980s version a couple of times. how did you decide what to put in and how did you think about that? >> when we wrote the script, it was like okay as fans of the original movie if we went to see this and somebody else made it what would we be sad that we didn't see. pretty quickly you want the slime and slimier and it would be nice to see original cast
9:43 am
members in different roles since this is a reboot in a different world. it sorted out quickly. test screenings, whenever any of those would come up, the audience would be so happy. felt like we got the math right. >> i know you got backlash initially with the cast of the four women. i have a daughter very interested in regards to becoming a ghost buster as a halloween costume this year. she's fired up. >> i love it. please wish her my best and tell her to keep on busting. >> paul, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. coming up on mornings on 2, the 9. >> reporter: we are live at half moon bay at the world championship pumpkin weigh in. we will show you some of these and tell you what is at stake. at stake.
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happening now, giants lined up in half moon bay. >> they're at the superbowl of pumpkin contests. >> janine has been talking to pumpkin growers about what's at stake here. >> reporter: they have been weighing pumpkins for the last two hours. let me show you one here. this is on a fork lift, about to be weighed in right here near the stage. you can see the crowd is already growing, very big here. everybody is excited to see what the heaviest pumpkin is. we see a lot of orange in the
9:47 am
crowd. everybody is festive, some people even wearing pumpkin hats. let's go to video of other enormous contenders. people have brought pumpkins from all over california and out of state. this is a labor of love for growers who have been nurturing the pumpkins. last year's weighed 1969. we are not sure if that's going to be beat this year but we hear it's a combination of good weather, the seed, and luck. joining us now, is the president cameron palmar. is this really the superbowl of pumpkin weigh ins. >> it truly is. you can cut the electricity with a knife. everyone is very excited. >> reporter: this is the kick off to the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival. >> it is. this weekend saturday and sunday we close down main street with tons of foods,
9:48 am
bands. it's a special time here. >> reporter: some people say oh, it's going to be so crowded because it's grown in popularity. we are talking about tens of thousands of people. what can you tell the people that say it's worth it. >> the old saying no one goes anymore because it's too busy, it's awesome. come early and have a great time. bring the family. >> reporter: thank you so much, cameron palmar. i will let you go back on stage. i know you have been announcing. we are taking a live look at one of the pumpkins that is about to get weighed. we are guessing because we have been talking to a lot of growers that maybe the largest one might come in at 1900 or maybe 2000 pounds. this one is definitely not the biggest. i have seen bigger, but we'll have to see. we are expecting a decision at 11:00. if it beats the world record, the winner will win $30,000. back to you. >> thanks.
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survivors of the 1991 fire storm are preparing for an
9:52 am
emotional anniversary. next week will be the 25th anniversary of the fire that killed 25 people. yesterday the people who died were remembered at a ceremony. officials from oakland, berkley, bart unveiled the plaque that carried the names of those who died along with a bright phoenix, the bird that rose from the ashes. survivors spoke about what they remember from the fire in the days that followed. >> it has been 25 years and i still remember how the sky became dark with smoke and ashes. i still remember my family and me being escorted by policemen past piles of burning rubble to see what was left of our homes. >> the station has a large mural made of hand painted tiles. there are other events to mark the fire anniversary in the next few weeks. casino and hotel ceased
9:53 am
operations early this morning. trump opened this 26 years ago. it failed to reach a deal with union workers to restore healthcare and pension benefits taken away in bankruptcy court. this is the 5th casino in atlantic city to close since 2014. samsung says it is changing production schedule for the replacement gala,y note 7 phones after some of the replacements are also overheating. t mobile and att have stopped giving replacement phones to customers. samsung is trying to resolve the problem as quickly and safely as possible but is not commenting on a report that it is stopping all production of the note 7 phones. a facebook at work service launches today. it looks just like your personal page but you will need a separate log in for the service that lets you communicate with co-workers. the company has been testing
9:54 am
the platform for two years and says the service can be more effective than traditional e- mail. an 8th grader taking home a big prize. heroining entry was a bandage she invented. it's embedded with monitors that let medical workers determine when it is time for the bandage to be changed. the 8th grader believes her creation will make a big difference in many people's lives. >> i drew it on paper. i was like okay, this may work. at that moment when you realize i am 13 and i finally made something that can change the entire world, that was the best moment for me. >> she says her top two inspirations are a teacher she had in 6th grade and marie curey who has helped advance modern medicine. her goal is the noble prize. music legends from the '60s
9:55 am
proved they can still rock. >> how old is mick jagar? >> i will find out. >> this desert trip music festival started over the weekend. they played in front of a crowd of 75,000 enthusiastic people in india. the same day will be packed there performing this weekend. >> how old is he? >> 73. >> thank you producer. bottle rock napa valley booked for may 26 next year at the new location at the napa valley expo. they don't know who the headliners will be but two groups they booked were on their bucket list. last year stevie wonder was one of the headliners. rye on lochte took to social media to announce some
9:56 am
news. he took this pick -- posted this picture after proposing to his girlfriend. lochte was embroiled in controversy for lying about being held up at gun point during the past olympics. not the only ones sorry about the historic loss, a ruth's steak house is giving a big discount to customers. friday it offered a promotion offering customers a discount equal to the margin the team won the game. well they won 78-0. however, thankfully the restaurant had capped it at 50% avoiding a 78% discount. still, 50% off hurts. >> that was michigan's first road game. >> it did not go easy.
9:57 am
tomorrow on the 9, the dog whisperer will be in studio. we will talk about his new project dog nation which he is filming right here. of course we will have more news on the san francisco giants. win or lose, we will be talking about it. >> a live look at att ballpark as we say good-bye. thank you for watching everybody this morning on the 9. gasia and i will be right back here for your noon newscast. go giants.
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. live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we don't judge. but we're judging. ♪ ooh ooh >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: that's as good as it's going to get. thanks for watching. say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. how you doin'? >> how you doin'? >> wendy:


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